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My Philosophy

At Work of Heart, my core values have shaped my mission as a horse breeder,

horse trainer, and healing provider. I strongly believe in the power of a

compassionate, healing touch to bring much-needed balance to the bodies,

minds, and spirits, of both humans and the animals they deeply love. As a

proponent of personal growth, my goal is that my services and offerings will

continue to evolve and expand- and I hope that my clients will continue to grow with me. As a licensed massage therapist specializing in therapeutic & medical massage techniques for chronic pain, I saw first-hand the effect that chronic pain can have on the mind and spirit of both humans and animals. As a result, I chose to expand my practice to incorporate my training as an ICRT Certified Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Master & ICRT Certifed Animal Reiki Master as a means to encompass a more holistic healing approach and address the body, mind, and spirit of my clients as ONE.

I am deeply committed to my client's desire for relief from chronic pain in all forms and am honored to be part of their complementary wellness team by accepting HSA and VA Benefits!

~Abby Malvestuto, LMT #227.022968

  *ICRT Certified Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Master Teacher

  *ICRT Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher

VA Benefits
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