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Animal Reiki Session

Usui Reiki for your pet

Service Description

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that is accepted worldwide as a gentle, holistic healing modality, not just for humans, but for all living beings. Reiki studies have shown it to be so effective that even hospitals, hospices, the VA (Veterans Affairs), animal clinics, animal shelters, and animal rescues, now widely accept this as a complementary wellness avenue to traditional medicine. The beauty of Reiki is that it works within your existing belief system, or even devoid of one, to reduce stress, promote physical healing, and encourage mental health & wellness for humans and animals. As caregivers, we know how sensitive our animals can be to energy- positive or negative! This makes our pet inherently receptive to the benefits of Reiki energy healing which can aid in the treatment of fatigue, loss of appetite, chronic pain, chemotherapy, grief, compassion fatigue, stress, and much more. Price is per session, and each session begins and ends with the consent of the animal and its Caregiver. Animal Reiki sessions are best conducted as "Distance Sessions" via Zoom to provide the least amount of disruption to the animal's routine. Abby Malvestuto is a Holy Fire III Human & Animal Usui Reiki Master certified through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), trained directly under Colleen Benelli, who trained directly under William Rand.

Cancellation Policy

By booking this Animal Reiki service with Work of Heart- Healing Touch, you acknowledge the following: - Animal consent is where each session begins and ends. Therefore, animals are encouraged to move freely in their environment during sessions, and sessions end when consent is revoked either by the animal(s) or by the Caregiver. - Safety is the most important consideration during sessions, and Reiki practitioners have the right to cancel, discontinue, or otherwise make suggestions before/during the session to maintain that safety. - Reiki affects animals differently between species, between individuals, and even session to session. Therefore, it is also important that caregivers are physically and mentally present during the session to observe animal behavior so that your Reiki practitioner can deliver the best possible results for your animal(s). - Unless otherwise agreed upon, Animal Reiki sessions are conducted online via Zoom as "Distance Sessions". These sessions are even more effective than in-person sessions since they provide the least amount of disruption to the animal's existing routine. Please be sure that Zoom has been downloaded, and that you are signed into it before the start of your session.

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