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​Notre histoire​

Previously known as "The Natural Horsewoman", Owner Abby Malvestuto has taken her principles of patience, trust, and respect, and expanded on them through Work of Heart. Today, she is able to apply those same methods to her own horses and foals; ensuring that each horse, regardless of age or background, has a solid foundation for a successful life and career in any discipline as a well-adjusted member of any herd.


Barock Pintos:
Elegance & Athleticism

A relatively young horse breed started in the 1950's in the Netherlands, Barock Pinto horses are the result of crossing Friesian horses with Warmbloods. The resulting horse has the temperament, character, and beauty of the Friesian combined with the drive and athleticism of the warmblood.

All Barock Pinto foals produced by Work of Heart Farm come from DNA-verified championship pedigrees on both the Friesian and Warmblood sides. They are also eligible for double registration with both the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) and the Barock Pinto Studbook (BPS). 


Gypsy Cobs:
Magical Beauty & Temperament

As a child, when I closed my eyes and imagined my dream horse it didn't look like Secretariat. It was a unicorn- one drenched in mane and feather; thick with bone and personality. It wasn't until I was 16 that I learned these horses had a name- the Gypsy Cob.

While the Gypsy Cob is also a relatively young horse breed, its pedigree and history are deeply entrenched in some of the oldest horse breeds; combined to serve a population of humans equally rich in history and folklore- The Romani people. While the exact origins of the breed are unknown since Romani history was passed down by word of mouth, what we DO know is that sometime around WWI the Romani people capitalized on the British Army's aversion for coloured horses to be purchased and used for war, and worked tirelessly to create a horse that could truly do it all.


By combining the small size of Fell and Dales ponies with the temperament, feather, and sturdiness of the Clydesdale and Shire horses, the end result was a horse that was trustworthy and safe for every member of the family- no matter how small. Stories abound of this even-tempered, bomb-proof horse allowing small children to play between their feet, or be brought into the home during harsh weather. A horse bred for tight-knit family groups first and foremost, with looks to match. While faults in colour, pattern, feather, or conformation were seen as room for improvement, the Romani people would NEVER suffer an ill-tempered horse.

Irish Cob vs Gypsy Cob vs. Gypsy Vanner?

They're the same horse. In the UK (where they originated), these horses are known as Gypsy Cobs and have their registry in the mother studbook, the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA). In 1996, Gypsy Gold imported their own Gypsy Cobs to the United States and established a new breed name and registry, the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS). In 2003, a USA registry truly committed to the preservation of the UK breed standard was developed, the Gypsy Horse Registry of America (GHRA). Irish Cobs were developed by the Romani people who remained in Ireland, and also have their own registry, the Irish Cob Studbook (ICS). The one thing on which all people who are passionate about this horse agree: This breed isn't a colour- it's a type! Gypsy Cobs come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and patterns; sure to capture the hearts and souls of horse lovers worldwide. 

At Work of Heart Farm, we choose to pay respect to the rich history of our horses and prefer to call them Gypsy Cobs accordingly. We are also committed to the preservation of the breed to the original breed standard. As such, all Gypsy Cobs produced by Work of Heart Farm are DNA-verified and eligible for double registry with TGCA and GHRA.



* 62,5 % Frison x 37,5 % Warmblood hollandais

* Color Tested: foie/marron & blanc, homozygote pinto/tobiano

* 16.1hh+, circonférence d'os de canon : 9.5"+

* Date de naissance : 26/05/2009

Fils du prestigieux Nico de  Hidden Promise Sporthorses , Destiny a fait preuve d'une grâce, d'un tempérament et d'un athlétisme exceptionnels depuis sa naissance, tous des traits qu'elle a transmis à ses poulains. Son incroyable lignée comprend des chevaux très performants dans les stratosphères Friesian, Friesian Sporthorse et Dutch Warmblood (Nico x Leffert x Ed King Hill x Samber) ainsi que des Warmbloods notables responsables de son superbe motif pinto (Samber x Nico), ses magnifiques quantités de cheveux (Oege) et son physique baroque-classique (Jochem x Leffert). Elle est, sans aucun doute, un rêve devenu réalité.


Son pedigree parle de lui-même et est encore attesté par sa demi-sœur, la reine en titre du Grand Prix Dressage Adiah HP (la ressemblance familiale est frappante), et son demi-neveu étoile montante, Battlefield Angel HP "Ezra" . Elle a un mouvement puissant de l'arrière-train, une belle extension, et le cerveau et la beauté qui vont avec. Elle est actuellement en formation pour l'élever de poulinière à compagnon d'équitation et de conduite confiant.

Être homozygote pour le gène Pinto/Tobiano signifie que 100% de ses poulains hériteront de son patron. Destiny et ses poulains sont enregistrés par DNA auprès de la Friesian Sporthorse Association et de la Barock Pinto Association, USA.

Barock Pinto
Hermits Snow White


* 62,5 % Frison x 37,5 % Warmblood hollandais

* Color Tested: foie/marron & blanc, homozygote pinto/tobiano

* 16.1hh+, circonférence d'os de canon : 9.5"+

* Date de naissance : 26/05/2009

All the way from Yorkshire, UK, allow me to formally introduce Hermits Snow White!


A heavy, hairy, affectionate, 2 blue eye, TGCA registered, 3yo filly who will become the cornerstone of both my Gypsy Cob and Equine Assisted Therapy programs here at Work of Heart. She moves like a dream, her colour is Silver Black Dapple, Sabino (aka blagdon) Tobiano, and she has one more surprise: She will be coming here to the USA already in foal to Willowsway Lawbreaker ("Bandit") and due on July 22, 2024!!

This foal will come with the highly sought-after Hermits lineage plus the legendary pedigrees of SD Chanel, Bob the Blagon, The Lob, The Producer, The Roadsweeper UK, White Horse, Old Paddy Horse, and so many more staples of Traditional Gypsy Cob quality.

There is a very good chance this foal will be staying, but stay tuned! Foal color possibilities: black sabino (like dad), silver dapple, silver dapple sabino, black tobiano, black sabino tobiano, silver dapple tobiano, or silver dapple sabino tobiano (like mom).

More info, pics, and videos to come and I CANNOT be more honored to have her in my program!

Gypsy Cobs
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