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​Our Story

My business name, 'Work of Heart', stems entirely from putting my heart and soul into everything I do.

I spent most of my life growing up in the Chicago suburbs dreaming about the day I would have my own horses. I remember my dad reading "Black Beauty" to me over and over until the book was tattered; the cover separating from the pages. I also remember my first time seeing a "draft-type" horse. My only thought was, 'This creature is a work of art'. As a former veterinary technician and exotic animal breeder, I eventually found myself in the heart of horse country in Central Florida. There, I finally got to spend several years diving headfirst into a life and career with horses as a CDE mentee and certified lead horsemanship trainer. 

My philosophy towards health and wellness is also a major part of my mission in life, and a driving force of my overall purpose. It is my deeply held belief that healing, health, and wellness should be holistic; incorporating the body, mind, and spirit. Animals play a wonderful role in aiding us with that journey, and at the top of that list is the horse. Anyone who knows will agree: Your horse is your mirror. I have learned more about being a balanced human being from my horses than from any human. Through my massage therapy practice, I can show my thanks by bringing that balance to both humans and animals through the power of healing touch and eventually, equine-assisted therapy. 

Work of Heart is the culmination of a lifetime of dedication to, and passion for, personal development, healing, helping others, and the animals that have brought me unconditional love. 

Through meticulously selected breeding programs, an unwavering passion for draft breeds and horsemanship, and a calling to heal body/mind/spirit, Work of Heart's mission is to provide 1) exceptional horse partners for any discipline by providing each foal with the foundational groundwork needed to succeed in the arena, on the trails, in equine therapy, or as a well-adjusted member of any herd 2) a place of much-needed holistic respite, relaxation, and rejuvenation for humans and animals alike.

Truly, I'm honored that you are reading this, as the ability to have a professional career dedicated to animals and healing touch is my entire dream; my sole "work of heart", and it wouldn't be possible without beautiful souls like you. My wish for you, dear visitor, is that you will find what lights your soul on fire and have the courage to pursue it as well. 


      ~Abby Malvestuto, LMT #227.022968

Abby & Vision
Abby & Zesus the Friesian
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