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Healing Touch

My Philosophy

At Work of Heart, my core values have shaped my mission as a farm, horse trainer, and as a healing
provider. I strongly believe in the power of a compassionate, healing touch to bring much-needed balance to the bodies, minds, and spirits, of both humans and the animals they deeply love. As a proponent of personal growth, my goal is that my services and offerings will continue to evolve and expand- and it is my hope that my clients will continue to grow with me. I am deeply committed to my client's desire for relief from chronic physical and emotional pain and am honored to be part of their holistic wellness team. 

~Abby Malvestuto, LMT #227.022968

Work of Heart Logo

"You have magic hands & know which areas really need the work! Thanks for your focused healing touch! Can’t wait & really look forward to our next session!" - Tim M.

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