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Less Than 30 DAYS!!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Announcement #1

As Destiny enters the final stretch of her pregnancy to Wyslter 463 Sport Elite AAA (she's due June 21st, 2023 and I CANNOT WAIT to see what they produce!), I find myself refining not only my calendar for the rest of the year, but also my breeding program. Years from now, when Destiny's foals are having foals of their own, how do I want to be remembered? How do I want HER to be remembered?

I have spent the last 6 months polling the various Facebook groups that I'm in, asking my personal colleagues in the Friesian Sporthorse space, and stalking websites, only to realize that the harder I looked for her next suitable match, the more I realized exactly how special Destiny is and how important her legacy is to the Friesian Sporthorse world.

Considered by many to be Friesian Sporthorse royalty (and probably the FSA's best kept secret), I've come to realize that Destiny's legacy isn't her own- It's Nico's legacy. It's Wanda's legacy. It's Adiah HP's legacy. It's Ezra's legacy. It's the legacy of all the world-famous horses that came before her in her family tree of ster/preferent/elite/sport horses. I've had dozens of stallions recommended to me these last few months based on looks or marketability. "This stallion is hot right now so you'll have no problem selling the foal", or "They would make pretty babies".

Destiny's legacy isn't built on color. It isn't built on chrome. It isn't built on hair. Her legacy is one built on form, function, heart, and soul. These horses were also gentle soulmates with incredible minds & movement, impeccable conformation, and hearts of champions. Being both chestnut and homozygous for tobiano guarantees that as a breeder, I never have to list looks as criteria when I'm looking for tall, correct, gentle, and high-performing stallions to complement her and bring out only the best in future generations. Her looks, and those of the stallions I choose, are icing on the cake.

And... oh.... what a cake I chose! Say hello to Alexander BP13- Approved Barock Pinto stallion performing at the Prix St. George level and training at Intermediate in Sweden.

Born: 2011 || Height: 1.65m || Color: EeTt || 50% Friesian x 50% Dutch Warmblood

Foal would be guaranteed tobiano!!! 50% chance Black & White, 50% Chestnut & White

50% chance the baby will also be HOMOZYGOUS TOBIANO!!

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